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Choosing a Business Printer: 3 Features to Look For


Even in the digital age, with the ability to digitize almost any document, paper still reigns supreme and it is virtually impossible to do business without having a printer. While there has been an increase in young startups going completely paperless, the majority of businesses still rely on paper while utilizing wireless and digital features to supplement their paper printing counterpart. Printers might be a necessity for a business but the type of printer that a business needs is not always so clear cut due to the huge variety among printers.

Printer Types

The first step in choosing a printer is to decide on the type of printer that best fits your business: inkjet, laser, or all-in-one.

Inkjet – These printers squirt liquid ink onto papers to produce an image. Inkjet printers have been in development for long time now and, as a result, they tend to be very versatile by being able to print high quality color images as well as churn out the standard day to day text papers. Inkjet printers blend their colors through a bleeding effect which creates a more natural and as a result higher quality looking image. Inkjet printers are quite affordable but they tend to be a lot slower than laser jet printers.

Laser Printers – Laser jet printers use to be significantly more expensive than inkjet printers but today’s monochrome laser jet printers are on par with most inkjet printers. The main advantage of a laser printer is speed. Some inkjet printers can print out 60 pages of a basic black and white document per minute. If your business needs to print out large quantities of documents quickly, a laser jet printer will probably be a great fit for your business. Color laser jet printers can be a lot pricier than inkjet printers and their image quality is not as high due to the fact that a laser printer’s colors don’t “bleed” but instead rely on tricking the eye into thinking that colors are blending together by placing two dots of two different primary colors together.

Multi-Function-Devices (MFD) – A popular choice for businesses looking to buy a printer is to buy an MFD. MFDs are all-in-one printers that have a built in fax and scanner. These tend to be an ideal choice for businesses that want all three capabilities, print, fax, scan, in one device.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that some businesses need to frequently print larger documents which utilize A3 paper. If this is the case, your printer of choice needs to reflect that requirement since not all printers come with that capability.


Workload – Printers have mechanical components that can wear out or reduce printing quality if the business’ workload exceeds the printer’s optimal workload capacity. Knowing your company’s monthly workload prior to buying a printer for your business can save you the hassle of a dealing with a broken down printer.

Networking and Security – Plenty of printers now offer over the Wi-Fi printing but some companies deal with sensitive data and information. In these cases, a printer that queues printing jobs until a PIN is entered can be a good choice for these scenarios.

Remote Printing – Some printers allow remote printing from smartphone apps. It is a good feature for those who frequently store printable information in the cloud or on their smartphones.

Finally, a frequently overlooked aspect of buying a printer for a business are the ongoing costs associated with maintaining a printer, paper and ink. When purchasing a printer, a lot of people look at the initial, upfront cost but seldom does the purchaser consider the ongoing costs. A cheap printer can easily have ongoing costs that drastically surpasses its initial purchasing cost.