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5 Benefits of CRM Applications in the Real Estate Industry


No matter what profession you are in, customer relationship management (CRM) software is beneficial. It allows you to increase the potential success of a business by preserving current and enabling new relationships with customers and positively impacting sales. While proven to be a crucial tool in many different industries, the application can be especially helpful for those in real estate. There are many benefits to using CRM software in this business and using it continuously and to its maximum potential will allow every opportunity to be successful.

Benefit #1: Keep in touch with past clients

So you sold a house to someone or represented them when they purchased. Does this mean you close the deal and forget about them? Of course not, because if they were satisfied with your service, they may look to you again in the future for their real estate needs. CRM provides a way to keep past client’s information by keeping a database of their contact information. That way you can touch base with them periodically to offer your services.

Benefit #2: Customize services

CRM software allows the user to gather information about a client such as what area they want to purchase a home in, their price range, desired number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and many other details. These specifics can then allow the user to customize their service based on the client’s needs and the application can offer listings based on what the client wants. Imagine sending listings that are generic and include homes that are either outside the client’s price range or do not meet their specifications at all. This will make you appear dismissive and not paying close enough attention to detail.

Benefit #3: Ease of use

CRM software provides a user with a snapshot of all pertinent information about a current or prospective client and it is available right at your fingertips. It also provides a dashboard of other information such as properties, transactions, and correspondence. This saves you from wading through individual programs and files to get the information you need as CRM software brings it all together under one application.

CRM has automation capabilities to allow the user to send emails and auto-responses to past and current clients based on predefined terms and schedule correspondence at specific time intervals. This gives the appearance of intimate and personalized service. The application’s scheduling feature will ensure each stakeholder is cognizant of events such as deadlines, meetings, and transactions, guaranteeing everyone is on the same page.

Benefit #4: Targeted campaigns

CRM software is capable of analyzing behaviors and other customer data and providing an accurate report based on this information. This would be valuable to a real estate agent who is looking at the best place to concentrate efforts whether it be selling a home or acting on a buyer’s behalf. If a housing market in a specific area is thriving and many people are looking to buy a home in this area, you would target people in this area who either are looking to buy a house or sell their current one. The application can allow the user to do just this with relative ease.

Benefit #5: Responsive

Imagine being able to respond to a current or prospective client as soon as possible. With CRM software, this is possible. With the rise in popularity of mobile devices, CRM software is available on many different platforms to ensure you get up-to-date information wherever you are. The application allows you to perfect your customer service skills by alerting you when someone fills out a contact form on your website or mentions you, your business, or any other specified term on social media outlets. This will allow you to then response in a timely manner.